RF Or EMI shield Testing tent

Short Description:

Portable, Benchtop RF Test Tent is a cost effective, highly efficient solution for radiated emissions testing. Users can spend fraction on acquisition, receive immediate delivery and easily set up and be testing themselves in short order. Troubleshoot or prepare for EMC certification in a practical and timely manner,we offers custom solutions, bundling the EMC test equipment required to conduct emissions and immunity testing, and maintaining high level RF isolation.


Condition Used

● -85.7 dB minimum from 400 MHz to 18 GHz

● Conductive floor between two layers of heavy-duty tarp

● 15” x 19” double door

● Cable sleeve

● Enclosure Storage Bag: All enclosures come with a storage bag for protection when in transit or not in use.

Product Detail

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Test Equipment Description

Enclosure Construction Shielding Effectiveness:
Tested with internal vestibule design, high performance I/O plate and AC line filter. -85.7 dB minimum from 400 MHz to 18 GHz (see chart)

Double Layer Enclosure

Tested with filter box using standard performance AC line filter, no vestibule. -78 dB average from 150 kHz to 18 GHz

EMI Shield Mobile Tent (3)

Industries Served Commercial Wireless
● Industrial Wireless
● Automotive
● Aerospace & Defense
● Cellular Forensics
● Computer Forensics
● Homeland Security
● Law Enforcement
● Military

Technology Sectors
● Wireless Device Testing
● 802.11a/b/g/n Commercial – Enterprise, WLAN, WiFi
● 3G, 4G, LTE, Cellular, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Mesh
● Secure Communications / SCIF
● Satellite Communications
● EMC Pre-compliance
● Medical Equipment Shielding

Simple to set up, with lightweight pop-up or semi-permanent frames.

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