Faraday EMC/EMI shielding Tent

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Faraday Defense offers an array of custom RF / EMI shielded soft wall enclosures available as a high-performance alternative to hard wall metal chambers and provide over -90 dB shielding effectiveness with portable to semi-permanent design options.

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Radiated and RF emissions testing and evaluation can be done efficiently with the foldable EMI Tent. Quickly setup in your lab and eliminate external anomolies to allow for consisten testing.

Double Layer Enclosure

Tested with filter box using standard performance AC line filter, no vestibule. -78 dB average from 150 kHz to 18 GHz

EMI Shield Mobile Tent (3)

Industries Served Commercial Wireless
● Industrial Wireless
● Automotive
● Aerospace & Defense
● Cellular Forensics
● Computer Forensics
● Homeland Security
● Law Enforcement
● Military

Technology Sectors
● Wireless Device Testing
● 802.11a/b/g/n Commercial – Enterprise, WLAN, WiFi
● 3G, 4G, LTE, Cellular, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Mesh
● Secure Communications / SCIF
● Satellite Communications
● EMC Pre-compliance
● Medical Equipment Shielding

Typical Configuration Of The Foldable Emi Tent For Radiated Emissions Testing

● Internal Dimensions: 9’ x 9’ x 6’6”
● External Frame Size: 10 x 10’ x 8’
● Lightweight, collapsible, steel pop-up style frame
● Double wall of tightly woven silver, copper, and nickel-plated shielding fabric
● Average attenuation of -95 dB in the range of 750 MHz-6GHz and -85 dB in the range of 12GHz-18GHz.
● Options include:
● Power Filter Plate: Wall mounted high performance IO plate with 10/100/1000 gigabit ethernet. Includes 250 VAC/500VDC/30A facility filter (-100 dB 100kHz to 40GHz) w/ w/ (2) 10/100/1000 gigabit ethernet media converters with cables and connectors and (1) USA 120VAC/15A 5 outlet power strips rated for max 15A and a 5-15P 120V /15A line cord.
● Ventilation system with (2) 120mm x 120mm dual honeycomb vent panels with 12VDC fans for intake and (1) 6” x 12” dual honeycomb vent panels for exhaust. Includes 90-240VAC/12VDC power supply with US plug, Air flow: 204CFM
● EMI hardened string lights (100-240V at 56-60Hz)


● Door Sizes 5’ x 5’ and larger
● ESD white interior liner
● Optional 8' enclosure height
● Large selection of RF filtered connectors
● Customizable filter plates
● High attenuation power filters
● Filter boxes with standard line filter
● Fiber optic cable sleeves
● Frame roller bags and hard travel cases
● LED interior perimeter lighting or EMI hardened stringed lights
● Ventilation
● Ventilation with Air Conditioning
● Vestibule
● Velcro backed RF absorber for radiated immunity or antenna measurement applications

Applications for Faraday Defense’s Portable RF / EMI Shielded Enclosures include: EMC pre-compliance or conducted and radiated emissions testing, wireless device testing, temporary EMI shielding, and secure communications.

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