Silver staple fiber 5% with 95 % cotton spun conductive yarn

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Silver fiber blended yarn is a range of single or multi-ply spun yarns. The yarns are a blend of silver staple fiber with cotton、ployester or aramid fibers.
This mix results in an efficient, conductive medium with antistatic and conductive properties. Featuring thin diameters, silver fiber staple spun yarns are very
flexible and light,guarantees the safety and quality of your products. The spun
yarns processed into a correct fabric configuration meet the international
EN 1149-51 , EN 61340, ISO 6356 and DIN 54345-5 standards as well the
OEKO-TEX® and REACH regulations that restrict harmful substances.

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Silver staple fiber with cotton spun yarn have an electrical resistance ranging from 10 to 40 Ω/cm.The spun yarns efficiently dissipate any electrostatic charges safely to the ground. As described in EN1149-5, it is essential for a person to be grounded at all times.
Silver staple fiber with cotton spun yarn shield up to 50 dB of electromagnetic radiation in a frequencyrange of 10 MHz to 10 GHz. The products maintain this performance even after long-time use and up to 200 industrial washes.


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1. Protective garments and sewing yarn: provides optimal electrostatic
protection, is comfortable to wear and easy to maintain.
2. Big bags: prevents potentially dangerous discharges caused by
electrostatic built-up while filling and emptying the bags.
3. EMI shielding fabric and sewing yarn: protects against high levels of EMI.
4. Floor coverings and upholstery: durable and wear resistant. Prevents
electrostatic charge caused by friction.
5. Filter media: provides excellent electrical conductive properties to the
felt or woven fabric in order to prevent harmful discharges.

Regular Packing

• On cardboard cones of approximately 0.5 kg to 2 kg

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