PBO combined stainless steel fiber tape

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During the production of hollow glass, the smallest shock caused by tooling can scratch, crack or break the glass. To prevent this from happening, all machine components in contact with the hot glass, such as stackers, fingers, conveyor belts and rollers, need to be covered with heat-resistant materials.

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PBO combined stainless steel fiber tape

We offers a wide range of heat-resistant felts, tapes, knitted structures, braids and ropes that can be easily glued, welded or screwed onto machine parts during the production of hollow glass.

Our high-quality stainless steel fibers have excellent damping properties to absorb vibrations created during the manipulation process, and withstand temperatures up to 700°C. They can be combined with other materials such as PBO, para-aramid and glass fibers.

Specification available to supply

Material: Pure stainless steel fiber or combined with PBO, para-aramid and glass fibers.
Tickness available:0.3mm-4mm



Long lifetime
Maximize the uptime of your system by using our high-quality metal fiber based textiles.
Lower TCO than conventional solutions
The higher lifetime leads to lower TCO.
Improved appearance
Ensure the optimal appearance of your hollow glass by avoiding scratches and indents.
Reduced scrap rates
The production of good quality glass with minimal defects reduces scrap rates.


It can be used for conveyor belt material, friction and swab material under high temperature condition in glass industry, and also can be used in heat buffer material for industrial field, thermal insulation curtain, filter cloth of various strongly corrosive materials, high temperature flue gas filter bag, field shelter tent, breathable instrument shield, anti-electronic interference and coordination of isolation tent, curtain, electronic warfare life buoy (suit), high temperature combustion fields, flame retardant, non-combustible, conductive, eliminate static electricity, shield electromagnetic waves, anti-radiation textile materials,high temperature sound absorption, military, high temperature resistance fields, medical, industrial, glass, electronic fields, static brush for printing, copiers, electroplating, plastics, Packaging, rubber industry, mold coating materials for automotive glass molding, mobile phone cover glass, tablet computer display, automotive glass, liquid crystal glass, medical utensil glass and other manufacturing plants.

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