Natural and Stable Conductive textiles

Imagine what we can do for you

Are you looking for conductive fibers and yarns that can transfer power and signals reliably? shieldayemi conductive fibers are durable and soft, and they can be used in situations when copper would break. They can be processed into steel and
blended textiles that can be manipulated to suit your needs. Their flexibility leads to comfortable textiles without compromising on corrosion resistance and washability.

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Working with you

Co-creation is an important part of our way of working. We want to think with you to take your ideas from a thought to a product. It’s an aspect that many of our customers in conductive textiles, as well as in heat resistant fabrics, appreciate. Our in-house development teams will not simply give you a ‘one size fits all’ product. We will think with you to discover new ways in which our fibers can be used.

Your partner in innovation

shieldayemi control over the entire production process mean that your textiles can be developed with the product properties you need. We have the ability to draw wire in ultra-fine diameters and can tailor our fine cables to offer you the specific characteristics you need. Your result is the reliable transfer of data, power, and/or signals in numerous applications.

Conductive textiles, a reliable solution for different applications shieldayemi products can be used anytime you need to transfer power, data and/or signals. In our advanced world, and with a growing trend towards integrating more functionality in one product, you require more from the electrical cable that you use today. Our conductive fiber or wires can do more integrated in your fabric, it becomes a smart textile. Our products can be engineered to cover your needs of increased durability and higher flexibility. The unique base material we use is surprisingly soft and guarantees the highest comfort in direct or indirect contact with the human body.

Each situation is unique and your customers’ requirements may vary. This is why we have a range of products available as well as the possibility to tailor our solution to what you really need. Conductive steainlss steel fibers: a smart solution.

With the shift in computer interaction away from the traditional keyboard and screen to the world around us, the future of smart textiles is limited only to our imagination. Would you like to be able to play music through your outfit? Maybe you would like to have solar panels in your jacket that can charge your phone? Perhaps in the future you may design sheets that can send data about your body temperature to a thermostat, adjusting it to your ideal setting.

Consider developing products like heatable gloves with integrated fibers. They could keep people warm in winter and consumers will not have to remove their gloves to operate their touchscreen devices. The signals of phones could be enhanced with wearable antennas. The growing elderly population can be served by weaving pressure-sensitive alarms into sweaters that can detect if an older person has fallen. Whenever data and signals need to be transmitted safely, reliably, and comfortably, consider shieldayemi. We want to partner with you to develop innovative products, so you can serve new markets and new customers.

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shieldaymei conductive wire and cables is comfortable, washable and corrosion resistant and can be used in situations when reliability matters the most: sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) alarms for babies, enuresis alarms for children and adults, or in the plastic coated wires of heart monitors, etc.

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Because life is being increasingly spent in cars, manufacturers for the automotive sector have opportunities to bring enhanced features that can improve the safety, security and quality of daily life. shieldayemi conductive wire and cables durable enough to withstand the day to day wear inside of a car, guaranteeing a correct transmission of a signal from the sensor to the control unit.

Sports and Other Applications

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In sports, an athlete needs to have not only a rigorous exercise schedule, but also a thorough healing process. shieldayemi conductive fibers and yarns are used in electrotherapy by sending the power needed to electrically stimulate a body’s muscles. The treatment has a number of health benefits
such as blood circulation and relaxation of muscle spasms. Our stainless steel fibers also have the same healing properties as silver and can be woven into bandages to reduce the time needed to return to peak condition.

A world of possibilities

In addition to the applications listed, shieldayemi can develop with you to create new solutions for your company. We have the willingness to explore your previously unchartered markets. We have the people to think with you. We have also the engineering know-how to make it work. Our experience in advanced metal transformations and advanced coatings means we can tailor a solution for you, one that meets the balance between comfort, durability and resistance.
You can rely on shieldayemi to help you bring a new idea into reality.

Post time: Jun-14-2023