Forensics & Shielding for data Security

Data Security

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Along with infrared shielding, Shieldayemi also offers shielding solutions for forensic investigation, law enforcement, the military, as well as the protection of sensitive data and hacking while traveling. Intelligence agencies already rely on shieldayemi's reliable shielding solutions. With shieldayemi Safety Pouches, secured devices remain offline. In law enforcement, this is particularly useful for ensuring the integrity of forensic evidence, preventing remote hacking and tracking, and protecting collected information from theft in secured facilities.

Shieldayemi shielding pouches

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The professional protection against data misuse and data backup in the field of mobile forensics with a shielding performance of 80 dB in the frequency range 0.9 to 3.8 GHz! Shieldayemi shielding pouches are 5G standard certified and are available in different sizes and designs for laptops, tablets and cell phones. Shieldayemi shielding pouches are made of a tightly woven polyamide, while the inside is made of two different metallized Shielding fabrics. These fabrics are used for large-area shielding of high-frequency and electromagnetic radiation (HF) and low-frequency alternating electric fields (LF).

Shielding Forensic Boxes

The Shieldayemi Forensic Box provides the ultimate in radio frequency (RF) signal shielding. At the same time, forensic examination of electronic devices within the box itself is made possible by two gloves made with Shieldayemi shielding fabrics. The boxes are specifically designed to examine devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops and similar large electronic devices while remaining shielded from RF signals. The shielded viewing window allows the devices to be examined in a safe environment without signals passing from the outside to the inside or vice versa.
The Shieldayemi Forensic Box shields an average of 85 dB in a frequency range of 0.03 - 16 GHz. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals up to 5G are safely blocked. The size is 80 x 55 x 50 cm.

EMC Room Shielding or EMI shielding tent

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Shieldayemi materials can be used to shield rooms to ensure secrecy, test technologies in an environment protected from espionage, and to protect data from unauthorized access.. With Shieldayemi not only can measurements and laboratory tests be carried out on large-scale projects such as vehicles and satellites, but mobile operations centers can also be protected. Whether a shielding wallpaper, a mobile Faraday cage or RFID curtains are needed for the operation - Shieldayemi offers the solution.

Post time: Jun-14-2023