Flexible and durable solutions for heatable textiles

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Imagine what we can do for you

Are you looking for a heatable solution that has the highest durability without compromising the workability and the comfort in case of usage in clothing? shieldayemi conductive wire and cables can do the job. You can choose from a whole product range with different grades of electrical resistance and
construction. Our high corrosion resistant heating cables deliver warmth without sacrificing convenience.

Working with you

Co-creation is an important part of our way of working.
We want to think with you to take your ideas from a thought to a product. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” cable for all our customers and all different heating applications. For each situation, shiedayemi creates a customized solution. Your benefit? Our filaments ensure a safe, reliable solution that heats exactly where you want it.

Your partner in innovation

Making cables is our expertise. But we can go past that … We have the ability to help you designing the heating element you need, consisting of different kinds of fiber filaments. In addition, we can go beyond the heating cable and integrate a semi finished solution to bring you closer to what you require. Together, we can discover new ways in which shieldayemi heating cables can be used for you.

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Provide for the future with our heating cables

Shieldayemi conductive wire and cables for heatable textiles have a consistent quality, an outstanding lifetime and superior corrosion resistance. Choosing Bekaert is choosing for more than just heating.
We offer a much higher flexibility and durability than copper or carbon, as well as more comfort.You can choose our heating cables in different alloys depending on the electrical resistance and the corrosion resistance you need. Our aim is to deliver a tailored cable solution with a superior lifetime and is soft and easy to process. They can be installed close to the surface of the object to reduce the warm-up time. Complex heating systems are made simple and efficient by using our cable solutions. Our cables can be integrated in small circuits to enhance the warmth proximity with a freedom of design.

The role of our cables is to ensure efficient and higher quality to your end product. We can insulate our filaments individually to guarantee a secure heating and to prevent hot spots in the material. An overall extrusion coating increases further durability and corrosion resistance and offers of course the needed electrical insulation. Our tailored cable constructions, consisting of fiber bundles or filament.
constructions, can offer you the needed flexibility to design the heating element of the future. Different base materials and combinations of constructions are possible to offer the best solution for each customer.

Heatable textiles: your source of heat in everyday life

One of the basic needs of human people is warmth. For lack of natural warmth, especially in winter time and in the colder parts of the world, people have to turn to generated warmth.

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shieldayemi continuous stainless steel fiber bundles in the car seat heating industry for many years and build up a strong reputation for its products and quality. Our customers prefer our  stainless steel fiber cable products because of their extreme durability and high corrosion resistant properties. The softness of our conductive fibers guarantees easy processability and a high seat comfort.
In other automotive applications such as the emerging projects related to use Diesel Exhaust Fluid (AdBlue®) and for example battery heaters we also are a key player in the development of these new applications.

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Consumer goods

Our fiber-based heating cables can also be integrated in textiles such as clothing, gloves, shoes, blankets and sleeping bags to provide safe and comfortable heating. In the same type of applications, our steel filament cables secure their position, still being stronger and with a higher resistance than copper. It is clear that, together with you, the number of possible applications is huge. When you least expect it, you can find our products: panel heaters used in households for extra heating during colder mid-seasons and even the hot meals in hospitals stay warm thanks to the dish heater containing electrical cables. We are constantly looking to discover new boundaries of our heating cables.

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Post time: Jun-14-2023