Electro-conductive fabric for EMI shielding applications

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Create more durable, more efficient EMI
resistant garments with shieldayemi highly
electro-conductive fabrics. These patented
fabrics consist of a blend of
conductive fibers and aramid fibers.
The added value of conductive fabric is that
it maintains low electrical resistance even
after numerous washing cycles. This allows
the production of protective garments that
provide a long-lasting electromagnetic
shielding performance and are comfortable
to wear.

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Perfect for textile applications

Shieldayemi conductive fabrics combine excellent electrical conductivity and flame
retardant properties, allowing the production of single layered garments. They are
lightweight, highly abrasion resistant and breathable, making them more comfortable
to wear

Protecting professionals

Garments made of this fabric protect the wearer against the hazardous effects
of working near various sources of electromagnetic radiation e.g. power lines,
transformers, switches and railway cables.

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Meeting your objectives

● Lightweight
The fabric weighs approximately 270g/m².

● EMI shielding and flame retardant
The fabric consists of flame-retardant fibers combined with a high percentage of conductive fibers and an additional electro-conductive component.

● Highly conductive
In line with a very good electrical conductivity, the fabrics obtain an electromagnetic shielding performance of 50dB over a broad frequency range.

● Washable
The electrical resistance remains lower than 2 Ohm/square up to 50 washing cycles.

Post time: Jun-13-2023