Conductive yarns and cables for smart textiles

What can we offer you?

shieldayemi offers you a wide range of flexible, conductive yarns and cables for the production of smart textiles. Our product portfolio consists of conductive, spun yarns and fine cables made of ultra-fine, stainless steel filaments and other metal combinations. These durable, conductive yarns and cables can be discretely integrated into your material. They enable safe, reliable and efficient energy and data transfer in a wide range of applications, including: smart clothing, wearable technology, antennas and sensors. shieldayemi conductive yarns and cables maintain their conductivity over extended usage and numerous washes giving them a long flex, service lifetime.

Proven performance

The performance of shieldayemi conductive yarns and cables has been successfully proven in a wide range of applications in various industries. These include, among others, the medical, automotive, aeronautic industry. The world’s leading nano-electronics and nano-technology research center imec, and the University of Gent, tested the performance of shieldayemi conductive yarns and cables in a number of conditions and applications in combination with their integration methodologies. The test results show that our conductive yarns and cables can be reliably integrated into flexible materials. They will continue to perform well under severe conditions.

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Product range

shieldayemi offers a wide range of standard or custom-made conductors with electrical conductivity that ranges from 0,1 to 70 Ω/m or more. Our solutions include:

Conductive spun yarns for sensors

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Composition Count Count Electrical Conductivity*
Nm Dtex
Stainless steel fiber /Polyester 50/1 200 40 Ω/cm (± 20%)
Stainless steel fiber/Polyester 50/2 400 20 Ω/cm (± 20%)

Cables for sensors and other conductive applications

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Composition Electrical conductivity*
100% stainless steel 70 Ω/m
100% stainless steel 30 Ω/m
100% stainless steel 29 Ω/m
100% stainless steel 14 Ω/m

Post time: Jun-14-2023