EMI Shielding and conductive mesh

Short Description:

PE plated with copper and nickel metal EMI conductive fabric has excellent electrical conductivity and shielding effect. The surface of the product can be treated with oxidation resistance and blackening. Products can be processed into conductive cloth tape, die-cut materials and electromagnetic shielding conductive gasket, suitable for a variety of electromagnetic shielding, anti-static and grounding and other occasions, mainly used in electronic manufacturing, communication, medical and other industries.

  • EMI conductive mesh:
  • Base Material: polyester
  • Plating: Copper-Nickel
  • Contents: Polyester/Copper/Nickel 70:16:14
  • Width: 140cm
  • Shielding effectiveness: 10Mhz -3Ghz: 60dB
  • Surface resistance: ≤0.1Ohm/M2
  • Product Detail

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    Plain grain appearance extremely thin thickness, light and soft
    Ultra-low impedance, excellent electrical conductivity
    Superior shielding effect
    Easy to process, forming effect is good


    Main Applications

    -RFID material
    -Electromagnetic shielding
    -Anti-static and grounding
    -Electronic manufacture
    -Medical treatment
    -Faraday shielding bags,
    -Civil or military emi shielding tent

    Customize Service Available

    - Conductive adhesive can be pasted as customized
    - Hot melt adhesive or flame retardant adhesive can be pasted as customized
    - Antioxidant treatment as customized
    - Black paint can be coated as customized
    - Length can be rewind as customized
    - Conductive adhesive tape, die cutting material and electromagnetic shielding conductive gaskets can be made as customized

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    10. New virgin material used for each product.

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